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80+ Single-Stage Gas Furnace


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80% AFUE Single-Stage, Gas Furnace  
Gas Furnace Model FG6RA | FG6RK

What do you look for when choosing a furnace? Chances are you want quality, dependability, energy-efficiency, value and comfort—all from a brand you know and trust. Westinghouse has a reputation for building high-quality products. You can be sure…if it's Westinghouse.

Our 80% AFUE gas furnace delivers a minimum of 80% efficient heat. Compare that to an older furnace that may deliver only 50-60% efficiency. Gas furnace efficiency is measured based on the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings, (AFUE). The higher the percentage the more efficient the unit. And the savings on your monthly energy bills can really add up over the life of your furnace. Contact your Westinghouse dealer to learn how you can save money on your local energy rates.

Features and Benefits

  • Westinghouse furnaces feature a SmartLite® Control Board, which increases the life of the igniter beyond the standard 20-year life expectancy. SmartLite® learns and adapts its ignition process to the furnace installed in your home.

  • Westinghouse furnaces are service-friendly and accept add-on components with ease, and can reduce common allergens and irritants, such as, dust, mold, pet odor, and dry air. Contact your Westinghouse dealer for more details.

  • The cabinet is fully insulated to shield operation sound, making this furnace one of the quietest available today. Its Silicone-protective polyurethane coating resists scratching, and prevents rusting, keeping your furnace looking new for years to come.

  • The (optional) GE ECM™ Variable-Speed Blower technology automatically compensates for reduced duct volume, dirty air filters, zoning changes, obstructed registers, etc. and reduces electrical consumption close to 80% over conventional indoor furnaces, thereby reducing utility costs.

SmartLite® Control Board
HEPA Air Cleaner
Furnace Cabinet

*Dollar amounts computed at $.092 ccf, for 2500 full-load heating hours and a system rated at 60,000 Btuh. Actual savings may vary depending on climate conditions, fuel rates, and patterns of usage according to individual lifestyle.


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