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13 SEER Packaged Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps


- 14 SEER Packaged
Heat Pump - VS
- 14 SEER Gas
Pack - VS
- 13 SEER Small
Packaged AC/HP
- 13 SEER Large
Packaged AC/HP
- 13 SEER Packaged
Heat Pump - VS
- 13 SEER Gas Pack
- 13 SEER Gas
Pack - VS

13 SEER High-Efficiency Packaged Air Conditioner
and Heat Pump - Small Footprint


Air Conditioner Model P3RD
Heat Pump Model Q3RD

Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner

Choosing a heat pump as a comfort solution is typically driven by the climate you live in, and is relative to your comfort needs. The heat pump is designed to provide heat in the winter and is best in environments that do not drop below freezing. Your Westinghouse dealer can recommend the right choice for you, a choice that could save you money during the winter months.

While most heating and cooling systems are made of an indoor and outdoor section, a packaged system contains all the heating and cooling components required to heat and/or cool your home in one outdoor unit. Optional electric heat strips easily install to provide supplemental heat. Your Westinghouse dealer can help you determine the best product for your comfort needs.

Features and Benefits

  • The cabinet is finished with a Silicone-protective polyurethane coating that under goes a 950 hour salt spray test,and provides 50% more protection from corrosion than standard outdoor finishes.

  • A rust-proof plastic-coated coil guard and hail mesh, protects the coil from flying debris.

  • Fan blade design, combined with custom condenser fan orifice, delivers quiet operation.

  • Designed to provide the most reliable compressor performance, our package air conditioners and heat pumps continue to be recognized for outlasting other systems; performing 35% higher than the industry standard.

  • Reduce energy costs with a Programmable Thermostat. By programming the thermostat to your schedule you can reduce the operating costs.

Packaged Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Cabinet
Coil Guard and Hail Mesh
Programmable Thermostat

*Annual oerating costs based on 36,000 BTU unit, 1500 cooling load hours, and .08/kwh. Actual savings may vary depending on climate conditions, energy rates and patterns of usage.


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